Data sheet

documentary / 58' / 2015 / Italian / DCP & Blu ray

director: Eugenio Maria Russo
director of photography: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
editing: Milena Holzknecht
music: Johnny Mox
produced by: Jump Cut
with the support of: The Autonomous Province of Trento and Provincial Agency for the Family, Parenting and Youth Policies.

The everyday life of three teenagers, with their uncertainties, hopes, joys and struggles. Edoardo, Gaetano and Ernesto attend their last year of high-school, they are in love and they will soon have to decide what to do with their lives. To win their craved ‘tomorrow’ they will have to overcome the first challenges of life.


Edoardo, Gaetano and Ernesto attend their last year of high-school. A levels exams are getting closer and questions arising are those typical of their age: ‘What will I do after high-school?’, ‘Will I stay in my city or will I leave it?’, ‘What will I do in  my life?’. Their dreams and expectations interlace with their love stories, from which their decisions will be deeply influenced. Let’s meet Edoardo, a well bred boy who lost Martina’s love and due to this neglected his studies; he will nonetheless try to pursue his dream of becoming doctor trying to pass the university entrance exams. We will be carried away by Gaetano’s enthusiasm, who is obsessed by the idea of escaping his town to move to London and become a fashion designer, even at the cost of separating from all his loved ones. Life will nevertheless put Ernesto to the most extreme test: after leaving school to commit heart and soul to rap music, just at the age of 18 he will discover to be expecting a baby with his girlfriend Jenny. Edoardo, Gaetano and Ernesto will all somehow succeed in finding their direction, but to get there they will have to face a long period of uncertainty and their first great struggles.

Directors' statement

"The 2 of us, tomorrow tells the story of three young men at a turning point of their lives: that is right before making that first great decision that will force them to face their limits and that will influence all those following. I myself recall the atmosphere of that period, suspended between great hopes and even greater fears. These feelings would have accompanied me for a long time.
For this very reason, when I was about to make my first full feature documentary choosing its topic came natural to me. I was looking forward to delving into a teenager’s life again, the age where everything is magnified – both the positive feelings and the negative ones.
In order to explore the three young men’s lives more deeply, we provided them with amateur cameras: the footage shot by them stands out for its spontaneousness – an authenticity that could unlikely had been rendered by other means – and makes the spectator dive into their lives through an unique gaze."

Eugenio Maria Russo


  • 64. Trento Film Festival
  • ViaEmili@docfest 2016
  • MiradasDoc 2017