Data sheet

short fiction - 13' - 2016 - in postproduction

direction: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
produced by: Gianpaolo Smiraglia, Luigi Pepe and Simone Cargnoni (Jump Cut)
director of photography: Leone Orfeo
editor: Gabriele Borghi
sound recordist: Dominic Rogan
set designer: Nicola Ciuffo
sound designer: Philippe Gozlan
with the support of: Unione Europea - Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (FESR) and Regione Basilicata, Trentino Film Commission.
Film financed by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo - Direzione Generale per il Cinema.


Pasquale De Giacomo - Martino
Rocco Angelo Agatiello - Fabio
Alice Verrastro - Alice
Marika Bloise - Francesca
Graziano Arcuri - Giuseppe
Federica Bonavoglia - Marilisa
Pasquale Macchia - Rubik
Vincenzo Navarro - Antonio
Ornella Senesi - Elena


It’s July 17th, 1994. Today, Italy plays against Brazil in the World Cup finals. In the desolated settings of a small, sun-burnt village on the Southern coast of Italy, a group of boys and girls goes about their everyday adventures. For one of them, Martino, this will be the last day in their company, because his family is about to leave the village to move to the North of the country. For him, this is going to be the last day of childhood, the last one of his innocence as well as the last one of his summer. Martino is with Alice and Fabio. This summer their games on the beach have had a different taste, permeated by a new sense of mischief. Their bodies have started feeling the pressures of growing up. The whole summer was not enough for Martino to confess his feelings to Alice, and Fabio’s behavior has made things even more complicated. In the heat of this last afternoon, Martino must shoot his very own penalty.