Data sheet
creative documentary - 80' - 2018 - in development

director and cinematographer: Sebastiano Luca Insinga
produced by: Jump Cut (IT)
in coproduction with: Stereo Sonique Films (MEX)


What takes place during corrida? What happens with a person who participates in corrida? What occurs between a man and an animal in the plaza de toros?

Corrida enacts the act of death. The spectacle in which public participates in the aestheticized killing of an animal, the bull, at the hands of a man, the matador. But in the western society where death is hidden and drifted apart, what is the meaning of corrida?

The film will enter into the world of corrida starting with the lives of the two main protagonists: the bull - the untamed animal which is free to live in the wild field, in real natural reserves - and the matador - the man who decides to dress up as torero in order to face the wild animal by risking his own life.

In the arena the matador bends the bull to his will, transforms the defensive instinct of the bull in the material to mold. Like in a dance, the man guides the animal in making the steps. The matador is the creator of an ephemeral and cruel art, like a picture that vanishes, like a transient sculpture, like a message written on the sand. Like life itself.

The life of the bull and the life of the matador intertwine in a story about the overcoming of life, a dance with obscure music of death.